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dc.contributor.authorApergis, Nicholas
dc.contributor.authorRezitis, Antonios
dc.description.abstractThis paper first empirically investigates the cost structure of the Greek banking sector. Secondly, it provides measures of economies (diseconomies) of scale and quantifies technical change and its sources. Finally, this paper measures total factor productivity growth and identifies its sources. Bank production is presented with two different approaches (the intermediation and the production approach) which are used to specify a translog cost function. The two different translog cost models are estimated through the full information maximum likelihood method of estimation on pooled time series and cross sectional data. The results obtained are not significantly affected by model specification. Both models indicate significant economies of scale and negative annual rates of growth in technical change and in total factor productivity.en
dc.subjectMaximum Likelihood Methoden
dc.subjectTotal Factor Productivityen
dc.subjectProductivity Growthen
dc.subjectTechnological Changeen
dc.titleCost structure, technological change, and productivity growth in the Greek banking sectoren
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Macedoniaen
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Ioanninaen
dc.identifier.journalInternational Advances in Economic Researchen

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