• Editorial

      Baker, Charley; Lee, Jason; Rossellini, sarah; University of Derby (Gylphi, 2012-04)
      The diverse research interests of the three editors of this ‘madness’ edition of Transgressive Culture means the content here is especially trans-disciplinary. Given ‘madness’ and transgression are concerned with challenging the limit, along with Russell Williams’ eclectic selection of reviews, this is apposite. Charley Baker is Lecturer in Mental Health in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham. She co-founded both the Madness and Literature Network (www.madnessandliterature.org) and the International Health Humanities Network (www.healthhumanities.org). Jason Lee is Professor of Culture and Creative Writing and Head of Film and Media with Creative Writing at the University of Derby and has published extensively on child sexual abuse and madness, as well as a novel about a mental health ward, Dr Cipriano’s Cell, and another novel that examines insanity, Unholy Days. Sarah Rossellini is a postgraduate on the MA Humanities – Horror and Transgression at the University of Derby, and co-founder of Beyond Transgression (www.beyondtransgression.wordpress.com), specialising in transgression, science fiction, technology and culture.