• Aerospace industry in Queretaro, Mexico: a perspective of regional innovation system

      Muñoz-Sanchez, C., Soto-Flores, M.R., Rocha-Lona, J., Garza-Reyes, J.A.; University of Derby (IEOM Society, 2019-03)
      Using the theoretical perspective of the Regional Innovation System (RIS), this paper analyzes the structure of the aerospace industry in Mexico, focusing on the region of Querétaro, Mexico. The objective of the research is to analyze the development, growth prospects , key agents and their interrelations of the aerospace industry in the Queretaro region from the perspective of the RIS. The aerospace industry in Querétaro has more than 40 companies, research centers and universities, intermediate and government agencies that focus on the aerospace industry, the region has presented rates of economic growth above the national average in the last 6 years, however to achieve the consolidation of the aerospace industry towards an RIS requires greater efforts of articulation and coordination among the agents that make up the system, it can be achieved through strategies and policies in joint collaboration for the consolidation of the industry in the region.