• Investigating the benefits and challenges of Total Quality Management implementation in the pharmaceutical companies

      Petliushenko, Kateryna; Kumar, Vikas; Zwiegelaar, Jeremy; Loonam, John; Garza-Reyes, Jose A.; University of Derby; University of the West of England; University of Bristol; Dublin City University (British Academy of Management (BAM), 2018-09)
      Pharmaceutical companies in Eastern European region are facing urgent quality tools implementation due to fierce global competition. The aim of this research is to provide current understanding of TQM in this region and provide further guidance on how to improve quality standards and techniques. The study follows a qualitative method and data was collected through 5 semi-structured interviews. The study highlights that TQM in pharmaceutical industry in this region is not well developed. The findings shows that there is lack of senior management commitment to TQM principles explanation and emphasises on its importance. Additionally, lack of governmental influence on quality standards and budgeting problems also affects TQM development. Moreover, there is a believe that TQM will not influence the overall performance of the company in the positive manner, since the development of such quality improvement method has to be efficiently budgeted and under current economic and political circumstances it is not possible.