• Towards a conceptual roadmap for statistical process control implementation in the food industry.

      Abdul Halim Lim, Sarina; Antony, Ji; Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo; Arshed, Norin; Heriot-Watt University; University of Putra Malaysia; University of Derby (Elsevier, 2015-03-14)
      Statistical process control (SPC) is one of the most highly used quality control techniques in the industry. The lack of specific implementation guidelines makes it the least applied quality control technique in the food industry. This paper presents a five-phase SPC implementation conceptual roadmap in the food industry developed based on a critical review on current literature of various SPC deployment methods. It considers six critical factors for the SPC implementation in the food industry. This paper makes unique contributions by presenting a systematic approach for the managers of this industry to successfully deploy SPC in their organisations.