• Design of robust fuzzy-logic control systems by multi-objective evolutionary methods with hardware in the loop.

      Stewart, Paul; Stone, David; Fleming, Peter; University of Sheffield (Elsevier, 2004-05-10)
      Evolutionary development of a fuzzy-logic controller is described and is evaluated in the context of hardware in the loop. It had been found previously that a robust speed controller could be designed for a DC motor motion control platform via off-line fuzzy logic controller design. However to achieve the desired performance, the controller required manual tuning on-line. This paper investigates the automatic design of a fuzzy logic controller directly onto hardware. An optimiser which modifies the fuzzy membership functions, rule base and defuzzification algorithms is considered. A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm is applied to the task of controller development, while an objective function ranks the system response to find the Pareto-optimal set of controllers. Disturbances are introduced during each evaluation at run-time in order to produce robust performance. The performance of the controller is compared experimentally with the fuzzy logic controller which has been designed off-line, and a standard PID controller which has been tuned online. The on-line optimised fuzzy controller is shown to be robust, possessing excellent steady-state and dynamic characteristics, demonstrating the performance possibilities of this type of approach to controller design.