• Numerical study of radiation and temperature phenomena for improved super-plastic sheet metal forming

      Mis, Michal; Emekwuru, Nwabueze; Kibble, Kevin; Hall, Richard; Spence, Julian; University of Wolverhampton (Trabs Tech Publications, 2012-12)
      In most super-plastic forming (SPF) investigations the focus is usually on the material aspects. In this paper the authors develop a model to improve the heat management of SPF. The model presented improved process possibilities. The improved design involves selective application of heat to the material. Final product shape can easily be controlled by accurate temperature control of the work piece. Numerical simulation has been carried out on various components including a ‘top hat shape‘ and a heat exchanger part. Simulation comparisons are made between selective heating and conventional processing, where all of the formed material is at the same temperature, and greater process efficiency of the selective heating approach is demonstrated.