• Selective laser melting of a high precision turbomachinery application in IN718 alloy

      Wood, Paul; Gunputh, Urvashi; Williams, Gavin; Carter, Wayne; Boud, Fathi; Bahi, Slim; Rusinek, Alexis; Kowalewski, Zbigniew; Nowak, Zdzisław; Libura, Tomasz; et al. (2021)
      The paper describes the manufacture of an outlet guide vane (OGV) component, in IN718 alloy, used in jet engines by Selective Laser Melting (SLM). The OGV component is a static part in the last stage of the compressor and is characterised as a series of airfoils or vanes secured by two flanged rings. The part tolerances at the leading and trailing edge require a high dimensional precision of +/-0.072 m whilst the profile tolerances are slightly more generous. The current challenge to manufacture a prototype OGV in IN718 alloy from a wrought stock involves a lengthy machining process in a hard-to-machine alloy. The tooling access is greatly restricted between the curved vanes, and the process involves careful fixturing and process management to mitigate residual stress in the component arising from the removal of material.