• bricolage, poetics, spacing

      Crouch, David; University of Derby (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2017-11-28)
      Contemporary concern for bricolage both transcends and supersedes de Certeau’s important intervention that resituated the term as actions undertaken in everyday life. In particular, he engaged the notion of bricolage in ways that presented tactics, evasions, resistances, ruses and even tricks in his consideration of everyday life as practiced. Whilst these considerations may be read, as indeed he asserted, as ‘making do’, there are further possibilities of this term. For example, bricolage may be considered to ‘occur’. In this we may take the anthropologist Hallam and Ingold’s grasp of creativity as something in our bodily and mental response to situations, calm, anxious and otherwise; responding to the detail of a situation, a required or desired action.
    • An Ecology of Values: critically interpreting John Newling's art

      Crouch, David; University of Derby (2014)
      In this article I articulate the cultural geographies of performing potential spaces of a gallery exhibition. I offer my participative, affective relations with the artwork, exploring the fluidity and openness of the spaces in which I found objects that were mutual, commingling and dissonant. In doing so, it is necessary to let the work speak, but not to leave it there. Nor is it to appraise, close-up the arrangement or individual elements of the show in an objective aesthetic. Rather it is to acknowledge circling atmospheres emerging in my cultural geography of practice. New spaces emerge in the practice, through my play with the spaces of the objects as set out, and through my own responses in an affective and productive relational engagement with them, singly and severally.