• An application of nonparametric regression to missing data in large market surveys

      Madden, Gary; Apergis, Nicholas; Rappoport, Paul; Banerjee, Anniruddha; Curtin University; University of Piraeus; Temple University; Advance Analytics (Taylor & Francis, 2017-09-01)
      Non-response (or missing data) is often encountered in large-scale surveys. To enable the behavioural analysis of these data sets, statistical treatments are commonly applied to complete or remove these data. However, the correctness of such procedures critically depends on the nature of the underlying missingness generation process. Clearly, the efficacy of applying either case deletion or imputation procedures rests on the unknown missingness generation mechanism. The contribution of this paper is twofold. The study is the first to propose a simple sequential method to attempt to identify the form of missingness. Second, the effectiveness of the tests is assessed by generating (experimentally) nine missing data sets by imposed MCAR, MAR and NMAR processes, with data removed.