• Dirichlet neighbours: revisiting Dirichlet tessellation for neighbourhood analysis

      Halls, P. J.; Bulling, Mark T.; White, Piran C. L.; Garland, Lynette; Harris, S. (2013-05-24)
      The analysis of neighbourhood for point features is reviewed in terms of requirements and available techniques; the application of Dirichlet/Voronoi/Thiessen tessellation techniques are discussed. Robin Sibson’s Natural Neighbours (Sibson, 1980, Natural neighbourhood inter- polation. In V. D. Brunner, Graphical methods for multivariate data. New York: Brunner/ Mazel) technique for Dirichlet Tessellation is discussed and benefits demonstrated in the consequently available neighbourhood descriptors of distance, bearing and nearest neigh- bours. The application of Dirichlet Tessellation derived neighbourhood analysis is shown in terms of the study of badger territories and other potential applications in the sciences and social sciences are outlined