• The Psychosocial Impact of Instagram on Female Body Image: Literature Review and Proposal

      Knowles, Eve; Kotera, Yasuhiro; Kaluzeviciute, Greta; University of Derby (Concurrent Disorders Society Publishing, 2021-06-01)
      Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing social networking platforms used by the younger population. However, research exploring the socio-psychological impact of this platform on younger populations is scarce. It is particularly important to assess how Instagram affects perceptions of body image in female populations who make up the majority of Instagram users. Accordingly, this study will seek to explore the impact engagement with Instagram has on female body image through qualitative semi-structured, one-to-one interviews with young female individuals aged eleven to twenty-five years over a period of three months. The findings from the interviews will be analysed using the interpretative phenomenological analysis framework and disseminated to schools, university teachers, education researchers, health care professionals and social media platforms. We believe the findings from this study will help protect young female populations from experiencing negative impact on their body image via Instagram.