• Employee as Student Toolkit

      Wond, Tracey; Nesterova, Iana; Rambukwella, Shan; Kelleher, Orla; University of Derby (2016-02)
      The ‘Employee as Student’ Toolkit supports higher education institutions (HEIs) to measure and demonstrate the value of postgraduate programmes when used as a development option by organisations. One of two evaluation toolkits funded by the HEFCE Postgraduate Support Scheme
    • Key skills and training needs of the D2N2 low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector

      Paterson, Fred; Baranova, Polina; Neary, Siobhan; Hanson, Jill; Clarke, Lewis; Wond, Tracey; Lee, Amanda; Gill, Judith M. R.; Gallotta, Bruno; Eisen, Matthew; et al. (University of Derby, 2018-07)
      Low Carbon is one of eight priority business sectors identified in the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Strategic Economic Plan (2014 – 2023). In January 2018, Learndirect (on behalf of the LEP) commissioned Derby Business School to research the key skills required by the Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) sector in D2N2; map existing training provision for the sector and establish the needs of key sector supply chains. The research finds that many of the key issues and challenges for businesses that supply LCEGS identified in previous reports remain. Suggests, surprisingly, that as many as 1 in 4 firms are doing business in the sector; with 1 in 20 firms deriving more than 80% of their turnover from LCEGS. Estimates the number of LCEGS suppliers in 5 key sectors to demonstrate where skills provision could be targeted. Highlights the variety of skills needed in different sectors and some of the issues, gaps and challenges facing skills providers. Proposes that pro-environmental suppliers and innovators should be identified in each priority sector and the current and future skills needs relevant to each sector established. The report concludes that much of the business activity currently categorised as Low Carbon sector can be re-framed as pro-environmental innovation in existing traditional sectors.
    • Police Officers with degrees: the plan, challenges and (missing) evidence

      Wond, Tracey; University of Derby (CoPaCC, 2015-11-14)
      In early September 2015, I was fortunate enough to be present at one of the first consultations of the College of Policing’s ‘Educational Qualifications Framework’ (EQF). This piece explores the consultation and what this may mean for policing.
    • Postgraduate Placement Toolkit

      Wond, Tracey; Rambukwella, Shan; Nesterova, Iana; Kelleher, Orla; University of Derby (2016-02)
      A 'Return on Investment' toolkit for HEI's to identify and quantify the benefits to employers of investing in postgraduate education. This was one of two toolkits funded by HEFCE under the Postgraduate Support Scheme.
    • Trust matters: Distrust in an external evaluation of a public sector program

      Wond, Tracey; Derby Business School (Taylor and Francis, 2016-04-15)
      This article draws upon autoethnographic data to explore distrust in an evaluation relationship from the perspective of an external evaluator. The study is based within a local-level evaluation of an economic regeneration program. The longitudinal nature of the study allowed for trust and the evaluation relationship to be examined with time and process present—a gap in previous evaluation studies. The exploration demonstrates various causes and symptoms of distrust within one evaluation. The article also reflects on the autoethnographic research approach adopted.