• A fuzzy multi-layer assessment method for EFQM.

      Daniel, Jay; Naderpour, Mohsen; Lin, Chin-Teng; University of Derby; University of Technology Sydney (IEEE, 2018-10-04)
      Although the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) is one of the best-known business excellence frameworks, its inherent self-assessment approaches have several limitations. A critical review of self-assessment models reveals that most models are ambiguous and limited to precise data. In addition, the impact of expert knowledge on scoring is overly subjective, and most methodologies assume the relationships between variables are linear. This paper presents a new fuzzy multi-layer assessment method that relies on fuzzy inference systems (FISs) to accommodate imprecise data and varying assessor experiences to overcome uncertainty and complexity in the EFQM model. The method was implemented, tested, and verified under real conditions in a regional electricity company. The case was assessed by internal company experts and external assessors from an EFQM business excellence organization, and the model was implemented using Matlab software. When comparing the classical model with the new model, assessors and experts favored outputs from the new model.
    • Logistics and supply chain management investigation: A case study.

      Dao, Ngoc Hong Tam; Daniel, Jay; Hutchinson, Stephen; Naderpour, Mohsen; International College of Management; University of Derby; Ubisoft Australia; University of Technology Sydney (Springer, 2018-03-03)
      This paper investigates several aspects of logistics and supply chain management such as advantages of a full model of logistics and supply chain management. In addition, it also details a series of challenges in logistics and supply chain management in general and in the computer and video game industry in particular. It also focuses on some popular models and the common trend in logistics and supply chain management. Especially, it analyses the logistics and supply chain model of Ubisoft Australia – a computer and video game publisher. By conducting interviews and observations together with gathering company internal records, it points out some potential problems of Ubisoft Australia with the software system, communication and information flow in inbound logistic and non-conforming returns. Finally, several recommendations are made for future improvements.