• Opportunities for use of blockchain technology in supply chains: Australian manufacturer case study

      Maroun, E.A; Daniel, Jay; University of Technology Sydney; University of Derby (IEOM Society, 2019-03)
      The arrival and capabilities of Blockchain is set to change the traditional supply chain activities. The tracking all types of transaction more transparently and securely using Blockchain motivate us to explore the opportunities Blockchain offers across the supply chain. This paper explores opportunities for use of Blockchain technology in supply chains. Particularly, examine whether Blockchain technology makes a good fit for use in an Australian manufacturer supply chain. Blockchain allows us to have permissioned or permission-less distributed ledgers where stakeholders can interact with each other. It details how Blockchain works and the mechanism of hash algorithms which allows for greater security of information. Case study focuses on the supply chain management and looks at the intricacies of an Australian manufacturers supply chain. We present a summary of opportunities for using Blockchain technology in supply chains in an Australian manufacturing case study. The summary is proposed in using private Blockchain in the case study. The opportunities using Blockchain technology has the potential to bring greater transparency, validity across the supply chain, and improvement of communication between stakeholders involved.