• Employee as Student Toolkit

      Wond, Tracey; Nesterova, Iana; Rambukwella, Shan; Kelleher, Orla; University of Derby (2016-02)
      The ‘Employee as Student’ Toolkit supports higher education institutions (HEIs) to measure and demonstrate the value of postgraduate programmes when used as a development option by organisations. One of two evaluation toolkits funded by the HEFCE Postgraduate Support Scheme
    • Postgraduate Placement Toolkit

      Wond, Tracey; Rambukwella, Shan; Nesterova, Iana; Kelleher, Orla; University of Derby (2016-02)
      A 'Return on Investment' toolkit for HEI's to identify and quantify the benefits to employers of investing in postgraduate education. This was one of two toolkits funded by HEFCE under the Postgraduate Support Scheme.