• I'd love to but...

      Smith, Sue; University of Derby (First Press Publishing, 2015-12-28)
      This book is a brief account of how the power of coaching can empower ordinary people to achieve extraordinary goals. It outlines a number of characteristics, such as belief, focus, commitment, motivation and self-reliance; characteristics that during challenging times help to develop the strength required to be successful.
    • Using a blended style of coaching

      Smith, Sue; University of Derby (Oxford Brookes University, 2017-02)
      This research focused on the coaching practices of internal coaches in a multimedia organisation. Survey questions were sent to 135 clients who had completed the ‘Coaching Programme’ since its inception. Although a pure style of coaching proved to be most effective in enabling clients to achieve their objectives, applying a blended style of coaching and mentoring achieved almost the same perception of effectiveness in achieving objectives. A blended style of coaching and counselling achieved the most highly rated blended style when applied by internal coaches; perceived to be as effective as pure coaching in terms of achieving objectives.