• Chemically Modified Bodies: The Use of Diverse Substances for Appearance Enhancement

      Hall, Matthew; Grogan, Sarah; Gough, Brandan; University of Derby (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016-08-28)
      This innovative edited collection brings together leading international academics to explore the use of various non-prescription and prescription substances for the purpose of perceived body image enhancement. While studies on drug misuse to date have examined drug use in the context of sporting performance, addiction, and body image for particular groups such as bodybuilders, there has been little research that explores the wider use (and misuse) of legal and illegal drugs for body image development and weight loss.  With medical sociology and social psychology at its core, this important volume shows the complex reasons behind the misuse of various medications, how these are connected to contemporary body image and appearance concerns, and why the known health risks and possibly harmful side effects do not act as deterrents.