• Development, validity and reliability testing of the East Midlands Evaluation Tool (EMET) for measuring impacts on trainees’ confidence and competence following end of life care training

      Whittaker, Becky; Parry, Ruth; Bird, Lydia; Watson, Sharan; Faull, Christina; University of Nottingham; LOROS; University of Derby (2017-07-20)
      Objectives: There has been a wide range of education development within end of life care and polices both in the UK and internationally recommend education as a means to increasing competence in end of life care delivery (LACDP, 2014; Gamondi C, Larkin P, Payne S, 2013). Whilst the gold standard means of assessing the impact of training, is to perform before and after workplace observations of staff and patients interacting, this would be highly time consuming and costly. The need to develop a time efficient, reliable and flexible evaluation questionnaire was identified. The East Midlands Evaluation Tool (EMET), for measuring effects of end of life care training events on trainees’ self-reported confidence and competence was developed, tested and validated, as a collaborative project across the region.