• Alcohol- is it all that bad?

      Mortimore, Gerri; University of Derby (The Hypocratic Post, 2018-02-05)
      According to a YouGov poll, 3.1 million people in the UK planned to take part in Dry January this year and give up alcohol. With January now behind us, how many people will continue to abstain or cut back on their alcohol intake, and who will choose to hop back off the wagon? The answer to this question is very dependent on how much we drink or, in other words, the total amount of alcohol units we consume. Of course, many of us who regularly consume alcohol don’t really think about the units we drink unless we are contemplating driving. I think many people will be shocked to realise that they are drinking many more units than is recommended by the Department of Health.
    • Dry January: the damaging effects of alcohol on your liver.

      Mortimore, Gerri; University of Derby (2018-01-11)
      Over view of causes of liver disease. How to calculate alcohol units. How the strength of alcohol has increased since 1987 in wines. Signs and symptoms of liver disease.