• Death cafés serve up a welcome taste of reality.

      Watson, Sharan; University of Derby (Final Choices Publishing Ltd., 2017)
      Death Cafés are helping to remove the taboo associated with talking about death. Sharan Watson considers how these local initiatives are providing opportunities for honest conversations and placing talking about dying, death and bereavement firmly on the national agenda
    • Dying from liver disease: the importance of end-of-life discussions

      Watson, Sharan; Mortimore, Gerri; University of Derby; Post-Registration Lecturer, at the College of Health and Social Care, University of Derby; Lecturer, at the College of Health and Social Care, University of Derby (2018-12-21)
      Over the past 50 years, deaths from liver disease have risen dramatically, whereas deaths from many other major diseases have fallen. Liver disease is now the third largest cause of premature death in the UK, with alcohol-related liver disease accounting for nearly 40% of these deaths. With advanced liver disease comes the associated complications of varices, hepatic encephalopathy and ascites, and death from liver disease can be sudden and catastrophic. Supportive and palliative care needs in people with liver disease often go unrecognised and unaddressed. End-of-life care and wishes can be a difficult subject to broach to patients and their loved ones, but it is one that nurses are often best placed to undertake. Therefore, when considering the overall care of patients with liver disease, it is necessary to incorporate anticipatory and concordant end-of-life plans.
    • Dying matters - What can we do in our communities?

      Watson, Sharan; Virk, Navjot Kaur; Brock, Martin; Dickens, Adam; Swanwick, Maelie; Home, Dave; University of Derby; Treetops Hospice Trust (2018-05-14)
      Launch of national Dying Matters Awareness Week in Derbyshire, setting the scene why we need to promote open , honest conversations; multifaith perspectives ; self care for carers ; ReSPECT - Advance care palnning
    • Dying matters - Why we need to talk about death.

      Watson, Sharan; University of Derby (University of Derby, 2018-05-17)
      How many of us are touched by the death of a loved one, friend or colleague? How many of us feel able to talk openly about our own future death? Sharan Watson, Lecturer in Post Graduate Health Care Practice, Award Leader for PG Certificate in Palliative Care, and Chair of Derbyshire Alliance for End of Life Care, explains why it’s important to talk – and plan – for death.
    • Exploration of support workers and volunteers initiation of advance care planning and quality of life conversations in palliative care.

      Watson, Sharan; Hembrow, Alison; University of Derby; Treetops Hospice Care (2018-07-10)
      Treetops Hospice Care, in partnership with University of Derby are commencing a research project exploring the outcomes of developing support workers and volunteers, in initiating conversations around quality of life. Treetops Hospice are a pilot site for NHS England for Personal Health Budgets (PHB’s), their work has began to explore not only if PHB’s have been awarded, but in addition to this, discovering that the “conversations” around what’s important right now to the patient / carer and what can make a difference right now toward end of life, can be just as important. Volunteers and support workers may be advantageous in having these conversations with the right support and development. This is a current ongoing research project being developed with the support of SEED Funding from University of Derby.
    • "Penny's plan" - Dying matters what can we do?

      Watson, Sharan; O'Reilly, Chris; Mortimore, Gerri; University of Derby (University of Derby, 2018-05-14)