• WFS and HOA: Simulations and evaluations of planar higher order ambisonic, wave field synthesis and surround hybrid algorithms for lateral spatial reproduction in theatre.

      Vilkaitis, Alexander; University of Derby (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister, 2017-09)
      Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics are both spatialisation techniques that could be applied to theatre sound design, but practicalities such as the number of loudspeakers and space required limit their use. Practical setups could consist of a planar array across the stage (for performer localisation) and surround speakers around the auditorium in different configurations (for ambience). This research simulates the use of extrapolated and truncated arrays, with HOA and WFS algorithms in order to create a panned frontal dominant system with potentially increased intelligibility due to source separation and spatial unmasking. Hybrid methods where WFS and ambisonics are used simultaneously will be evaluated to create a system for theatre that is both psychoacoustically sound, homogenous and practicable.