• Deployment of assisted living technology solution platform using smart body sensors for elderly people health monitoring.

      Elsaadi, Riyad; Mahmoud, Shafik; University of Derby (UNSYS digital, 2017-06-01)
      Many of the Ambient Assisted Living Technologies (AALT) available in the market to the end-users with long term health condition have no common inter-operational protocol. Each product has its own communication protocols, different interfaces and interoperation which limits their solution reliability, flexibility and efficiency. This paper presents assisted living platform solution for elderly people with long term health condition based on wireless sensors networking technology. The system includes multi feedback sensor arrangements for monitoring, such as: blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Each sensor has been integrated with the necessary near real time embedded and wireless protocols that allow data collection, transfer and interoperate in ad-hoc bases. The data will be communicated wirelessly to central data base system and shared though cloud network. The collected data will be processed and relevant intelligent algorithms will be deployed to ensure certain actions taken place when health condition warnings arise. These warnings to be communicated to relevant carer, General Practitioner (GP) and health authority to take the necessary action and steps to handle such end user health condition warnings. The proposed solution system will provide the flexibility to analyse most of the health conditions based on near real time monitoring technology. It will enable the population of elderly with long term health condition to manage their daily life activities within multiple environments i.e. from their comfort home, care centres and hospitals. The data and information will be treated with high confidentiality to ensure end-users integrity and dignity have been maintained.