• Micro-hydro generator using eco-wheel system for domestic and industrial building applications

      Komlanvi, Moglo; Shafik, Mahmoud; Ashu, Mfortaw, Elvis; University of Derby (UNSYS Digital, 2014-12)
      The paper presents the preliminary part of ongoing research to design and develop a 3D sustainable renewable power station model that is feasible, competent and of high efficiency at an affordable cost. The paper is focused on the optimization of a 1D micro hydropower system. The constant supply of green power is made possible through a combination of power plants using renewable energies resources. Studies reveal that water wheels are not as efficient as turbines but could offer efficiency in excess of 80% for overshoot & undershoot water wheels, with 75% for breastshot water wheels. The technical issues that limit the water wheel efficiency have been studied and a new design is presented in this paper. The simulation to the new design is hereby presented with some experimental measurements of the efficiency and power that can be delivered with this new design.