• Evaluation of 3D renewable micro power station for smart grid applications

      Komlanvi, Moglo; Shafik, Mahmoud; Ashu, Mfortaw, Elvis; University of Derby (IOS Press, 2016-09-15)
      The paper presents the findings of the ongoing research to design and develop of 3 DIMENSIONAL (3D) sustainable renewable micro power station model for smart grid applications. The paper focuses on the design optimization and evaluation process of the station model. Linearization around various outputs and a set of control equilibrium techniques is discussed. This is aimed at obtaining a linear parameter variable model from a nonlinear system regulating the output of the 3D micro power station model. An investigation into the current state of the art of wind, hydro and solar energy conversion system has been carried out during this research. The initial simulation and practical results of this research with some experimental measurements of the efficiency and possible power level that can be delivered is also presented in this paper.