• Head tracked audio for all - the 3D audio VR revolution

      Wiggins, Bruce; University of Derby (Institute of Acoustics, 2016-11-16)
      Virtual Reality is this year’s buzz-word and must have technology which, through the push of maximum immersion, has given a new focus and interest in true 3D audio. To this end, YouTube has kick-started the resurgence of Ambisonics via head-tracked binaural decoding on the mobile phone powered Google Cardboard platform which has been closely followed by Facebook (Two Big Ears, now Facebook Spatial Audio Workstation) and the other major VR players. In this talk, the technologies involved in 3D audio production for VR will be discussed along with the compromises and issues with current systems that has led to some early criticism of YouTube’s implementation. Google Cardboard headsets will available for demonstrations.