• Verifiable public key encryption scheme with equality test in 5G networks

      Xu, Yan; Wang, Ming; Zhong, Hong; Cui, Jie; Liu, Lu; Franqueira, Virginia N. L.; Anhui University; University of Derby (IEEE, 2017-06-19)
      The emergence of 5G networks will allow Cloud Computing providers to offer more convenient services. However, security and privacy issues of cloud services in 5G networks represent huge challenges. Recently, to improve security and privacy, a novel primitive was proposed by Ma et al. in TIFS 2015, called Public Key Encryption with Equality Test supporting Flexible Authorization (PKEET-FA). However, the PKEET scheme lacks verification for equality test results to check whether the cloud performed honestly. In this research, we expand the study of PKEET-FA and propose a verifiable PKEET scheme, called V-PKEET, which, to the best of our knowledge, is the first work that achieves verification in PKEET. Moreover, V-PKEET has been designed for three types of authorization to dynamically protect the privacy of data owners. Therefore, it further strengthens security and privacy in 5G networks.