• A multi degree of freedom actuation

      Elvis Ashu, Mfortaw; Shafik, Mahmoud; Oraifige, Ilias; University of Derby (IOS Press, 2016-09)
      This paper presents the on going research to develop an actuation system with multi-degree of freedom, for robot and machine vision industrial applications. This is mainly aiming to overcome the current teething issues with digital visual transducer spot angle and enhance the relevant industrial applications performance and accuracy, at low cost. This paper is focused on the actuation system design and development. It covers the actuation system design optimisation, structure, and working principles. Finite element analysis has been used in the design optimisation process. This has been utilised to test the actuation system structure, investigate the dynamic behaviour and the deformation of the stator (active piezo-ceramic electrodes). The initial analysis and experimental results of the work is also presented in this paper and this is showed the potential of the current development.