• Model building

      Lowdnes, Val; Berry, Stuart; Trovati, Marcello; Whitbrook, Amanda; University of Derby; Edge Hill University (Springer, 2017-04)
    • Service-oriented system engineering

      Bessis, Nik; Zhai, Xiaojun; Sotiriadis, Stelios; Edge Hill University; University of Derby; University of Toronto (Elsevier, 2017-12-01)
      Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE) is one of the emerging research areas that involves a number of research challenges in engineering service-oriented systems, the architecture and computing paradigm as well as the development and management of service-oriented systems. Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) exploits services as the fundamental elements for developing computer-based systems. It has been applied to various areas and promotes fundamental changes to system architecture, especially changing the way software systems are being analyzed, architected, designed, implemented, tested, evaluated, delivered, consumed, maintained and evolved. The innovations of SOC also offer many interesting avenues of research for scientific and industrial communities. In this paper, we present the concepts of the SOSE from the related work. The motivation, opportunities and challenges of the SOSE is highlighted thereafter. In addition to this, a brief overview of accepted papers in our Special Issue on SOSE is presented. Finally we highlight and summarize this paper.