• Identification of the mechanical properties of tires for wheelchair simulation.

      Doria, Alberto; Taraborrelli,Luca; Jomaa, Tarek; Peijs, Tom; Potter, Mario; Advani, Sunjoo; Crichlow,Larry; University of Padova; International Development of Technology B.V.; Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (Bentham Open, 2016-12-30)
      The development of high performance wheelchairs and wheelchair simulators requires dynamic models taking into account the properties of tires. In this paper the properties of two wheelchair tires are measured by means of a rotating disc testing machine and are compared with the properties of bicycle tires, which have similar dimensions and structure. Tests are carried out considering variations in speed, inflation pressure and load. The possibility of fitting experimental results with the Magic Formula, the Dugoff formula and a linear model is discussed. A dynamic model of a wheelchair is developed, which includes a linear tire model derived from experimental results. Steady turning and slalom manoeuvres are simulated. Numerical results show the effect of tire properties on the handling characteristics of the wheelchair.