• Satellite-like CdS nanoparticles anchoring onto porous NiO nanoplates for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic properties.

      Hu, Hanmei; Wang, Man; Deng, Chonghai; Chen, Jianli; Wang, Aiguo; Le, Huirong; Anhui Jianzhu University; Hefei University; University of Derby (Elsevier, 2018-04-15)
      Novel CdS/NiO nanocomposites assembled by satellite-like CdS nanoparticles anchoring onto porous NiO nanoplates have been fabricated by a step synthesis process, which involves a chemical bathing method followed by a heat treatment, and a microwave-assisted aqueous chemical reaction. The structure and photocatalytic properties of products were characterized by various techniques. More significantly, benefiting from the synergistic effect of CdS/NiO heterojunction, the as-prepared CdS/NiO architectures exhibited superior photocatalytic activity for decolorization of Congo red. The degradation rate on CdS/NiO nanocomposites achieves about 3.5 times higher than that of pure CdS nanocrystals under visible light irradiation for 30 min, suggesting a promising application in water purification.