• The role of tacit and codified knowledge within technology transfer program on technology adaptation.

      Handoko, Ferry; Nursanti, Ellysa; Harmanto, Dani; Sutriono; National Institute of Technology; University of Derby (Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN), 2016-04)
      Knowledge and technology transfer is the way to improve technology capability. The process of knowledge and technology transfer can be analysed based on knowledge classification. It involves tacit and codified knowledge. Each type of knowledge has a unique characteristic. The diversity of characteristics will potentially affect the result, and indeed the success, of knowledge and technology transfer. It is important, therefore, to understand any differences in phenomena associated with the process of transferring knowledge and technology base on knowledge classification for SMEs. Using data from hundreds of SMEs and in-depth discussion with the peak bodies of government agencies, universities and industries, the policy directions for government regarding to knowledge and technology transfer to support local industry in developing economies were developed.