• A novel modular design approach to “thermal capacity on demand” in a rapid deployment building solutions: Case study of Smart-POD

      Ceranic, Boris; Beardmore, John; Cox, Adrian; University of Derby; T4 Sustainability; Green 4 Architects (Elsevier, 2017-10-23)
      Designed to address the challenges of a sustainable future and the financial difficulties facing schools, Smart-POD is a unique and innovative research project which provides an alternative to traditional classroom planning. It proposes a rapid deployment building solution, transitory or permanent in its use, modular in design, flexible in set-up and self-sustaining in use, requiring nominal site works and providing for all of its energy demands from renewable energy sources. Its feasibility was tested via a design case study which investigated potential of its novel “thermal capacity on demand” energy performance approach. It combines a modular thermal storage solution capable of balancing heating demand and supply for a low rise, low mass superstructure with renewable technologies and the level of back-up power/services needed. The project team has formed a consortium of stakeholders and consulted on design methodology, performance specification and viability of other markets, the results of which are reported in this paper. The research has, in its final output, established a commercial model based on its design, procurement, financing, supply chain and the manufacturing strategy and is currently negotiating funding for the prototype.