• Shape grammar and kinetic façade shading systems: a novel approach to climate adaptive building design with a real time performance evaluation.

      Ceranic, Boris; Nguyen, Tung; Callaghan, Christopher; University of Derby (International Conference Geomapplica 2018, 2018-06)
      The concept of a dynamic building enclosure is relatively radical and unexplored area in sustainable architectural design and engineering and as such could be considered a new paradigm. In this research, a novel application of shape grammar approach to design of kinetic façade shading systems has been discussed, inspired by vernacular Vietnamese architectural patterns and parametric generative design. The research reports on the system development and testing, exploring different façade shading configurations and evaluating their performance based on the real-time monitoring of daylight and heat gains, using wireless sensor technology. The strategy for BIM integrated sustainable design analysis (SDA) has also been deliberated, as a framework for exploring the integration of proposed building management system (BMS) into smart building environments (SBEs).