• Integration model of maritime and tourism in the regional areas to enhancing economy in East Indonesia.

      Sudapet, Nyoman; Sukoco, Agus; Harmanto, Dani; Universitas Narotama; University of Derby (IEOM Society, 2018-03)
      The growth of the maritime economy and the tourism economy is increasingly supported by the Sea Tol (Sea Highway) program. Data states that the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia during January-April 2016 reached 3.52 million visits. In addition to the maritime economy, data also suggested up by 1.98 percent compared to the previous month and up 16.50 percent compared to the same month in 2015. Economic growth in East Indonesia should be optimally utilised by the Government by developing the Maritime Economy and Tourism Integration Model. This study aims to model, mapping and economic feasibility of Maritime Economic Integration and Tourism in the region to improve the economy of East Indonesia, along with the making of Geographic Information System that supports the economic development. Research conducted in three stages, first stage is modeling, mapping and economic feasibility analysis of Maritime Economic and Tourism Integration Model, accompanied by making Geographic Information System, continued Second stage is to develop Geographic Information System application model of Integration of Maritime Economy and Tourism Development Eastern Indonesia. The paper will present the first stage of the modelling and mapping based on the data provided by ndonesian government.