• Chip number vehicle applications as part of Internet of Things (IoT)

      Mudjanarko, Sri Wiwoho; Winardi, Slamet; Prasetijo, Joewono; Harmanto, Dani; Universitas Narotama; University of Derby (Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), 2017-12)
      The city of Jakarta as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015 the number of motor vehicles as many as 17,523,967 units dominated by two-wheeled vehicles with the amount of 13,084,372 units. It was followed by private cars with 3,226,009 units, 673,661 units of freight cars, 362,066 units of buses and 137,859 units of special vehicles, while the road growth was only 0.01 percent so it was not comparable with the number of vehicles. One way to break down congestion in Jakarta is the reduction in the number of motor vehicles such as three in one for four-wheeled vehicles, the implementation of electronic road pricing (ERP), and the reduction in the number of motorcycles. The reduction in the number of motorcycles aims to reduce traffic density while reducing the number of traffic accidents
    • Effect on the hardness paving block by adding gomuti and pumice stone.

      Rochman, Zainur; Mudjanarko, Sri Wiwoho; Harmanto, Dani; University of Derby; Universitas Narotama (Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society (IEOM), 2018-03)
      Paving block is a cement product and been used as the alternative of asphalt. It has been used intensively for parking area, village road and so on in Indonesia. Paving block is also known as concrete block or conblock. Absorption of water to paving block installation system can maintain ground water balance and strongly support go green. It is also echoed nationally as well as internationally. This research will test the compressive strength of paving block considering the paving block function must also be able to support the heavy load on it beside the good absorption. The development and test will be using two types. First, it will be added the fibers of gomuti 3% and pumice stone 10% with additional aggregate 1.5% sikament additive. The second one will be the same but increasing the pumice stone to 20%. This research is expected to get paving block wearing high and light.
    • Portable inflated solar power cold storage house technology as a supporting facility to increase the production and marketing of fishery fishermen.

      Setiawan, M. Ikhsan; Ade, Reswada T.; Harmanto, Dani; University of Derby; Universitas Narotama (IEOM Society, 2018-03)
      Indonesia is a maritime country and fourth largest fish exporter in the world. Currently Indonesia exported fish worth around 35,4 billion US dollars in 2012 and continue to rise. The post -catching is the most important aspect of the process to ensure the fish quality will be meeting the standard export. Most of the post-catching process is a home industry based and fridge/freezer had been used to store the fish before sending them to the exporter for further process. Therefore, paper presents the design and development of the Solar Power Cold Storage House for the fishermen. The general purpose is to support production facilities for cheaper alternative which increasing the fishermen profitable for the mass production. The research purpose is to developed a prototype Portable Inflated Solar Power Cold Storage House as a production support facility and fishery marketing that meets aspects of strength, speed, effectiveness, convenience, so that Portable Inflated Solar Power Cold Storage House products also increase the absorption of National Fish. The paper will describe the design process, testing process such as material strength, rapid deployment of the cold storage, environment test and mechanical test.