• Impact of loads on power flow in power systems using PowerApps and ETAP

      Souli, Aissa; Bashour, Rami; Hellal, Abdelhafid; Kharaz, Ahmad H.; University Of Derby (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), 2015-07-05)
      This paper presents a study of the impact of loads on power flow in power system. It deals with the impact of both the voltage nodes and the transmission of active and reactive power in lines, and therefore the loss of active and reactive power in the system. Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) devices are found to be encouraging in improving voltage stability limit in power systems. This paper investigates the application of FACTS devices (Static Var Compensator, SVC) on a 9-bus multimachine power system, it deal with the line losses and improving voltage stability limit. Amount of increased reactive power generation and line losses are taken as indicators of stressed conditions of a power system. The use of SVC is identified by PowerApps and ETAP software packages. Both software are used for IEEE 9 bus test system and the results obtained are presented and interpreted. Streszczenie. Analizowano wpływ napięć w węzłach i przepływ mocy biernej i czynnej na pracę systemu energetycznego. Artykuł przedstawia badania zastosowania urządzeń FACTS w dziewi1)ęcioszynowym, wielomaszynowym systemie. Wykorzystano oprogramowanie ETAP. Wpływ obciążeń na przepływy mocy w systemie wykorzystującym PowerApps i oprogramowanie ETAP Keywords: Power Flow, FACTS, SVC, PowerApps, ETAP. Słowa kluczowe: przepływy mocy, FACTS, Etap Introduction Load flow study in power system parlance is the steady state solution of the power system network [1]. The main information obtained from this study comprises the magnitudes and phase angles of load bus voltages, reactive powers at generators buses, real and reactive power flow on transmission lines [2], other variables being known. Usually a generating station is not situated near the load centre, but it may be away from load centre due to various circumstances.