• Understanding the lived experiences of Joint Honours graduates: how can educators best enable student success?

      Pigden, Louise; University of Derby (2017-01-03)
      Combined or joint honours degrees represent 10% of all UK undergraduates. 50,000 out of 500,000 currently enrolled on all honours degrees. This significant and special way of learning therefore warrants scrutiny. This type of degree facilitates students combining the study of two subjects to honours level, with modules delivered from two academic disciplines. The large proportion of students on such degrees across universities in England and Wales means that debate is needed as to the intrinsic value of such degrees especially in relation to graduate employability and career opportunities. This paper examines the lived experiences of joint honours graduates, evaluating the impact that studying joint honours had on their careers, and whether they were well prepared for graduate roles. We draw out themes and characteristics that will assist educators in supporting their students and enabling their future success.