• The effect of droplets on laminar propagation speed of an acetone-methane flame

      Fan, L; Tian, Bo; Chong, C.T.; McGrath, D; Hochgreb, S; University of Cambridge; Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2019-04)
      Biofuel combustion results in lower soot compared with petroleum fuels. There have been several studies of soot formation measurement in flames of biodiesel surrogates (methyl esters), but few quantitative measurements from real biodiesels. In this study, we use laser induced incandescence and extinction measurements to obtain soot volume fraction in co-flow stabilised pool flames fueled with four different real biodiesels and two methyl esters. The results show that the degree of unsaturation plays an important role in the soot yield of fuels. A SEM analysis shows that the biofuels with lower degree of unsaturation produce a lower amount and smaller soot particles comparing the more saturated fuel.