• The big picture

      Wilson, Colin; University of Derby (2014-01)
      To look at the Big Picture is an act of becoming involved, emotionally, physically and intellectually. To see the Big Picture is to see the complexity of relationships in everyday lived experience. In a world of small-minded, superficial, self-interested individuals, where images become noise, and noise becomes entertainment and distraction, where the shallowness of life coincides with the shallowness of understanding, experience and expectation. The Big Picture proposes a world of depth, a time for reflection a place for change. Alongside the Big Picture are the Big Questions
    • Orpheus Suite

      Wilson, Colin; University of Derby (2014-09)
      Exhibition of black & white, archival, hand-printed, mural, analogue photographs, comprising three bodies of work; ‘Silent Compositions’, ‘Minor Consolations’ and ‘Morpheus’.