• Antarctica: Live surround exploration

      Crossley, John; Lane, Kit; University of Derby (2016-02)
      A surround sound music composition by John Crossley inspired by the sounds of the Antarctic, with accompanying video sequences. Source material included survey data and images from various research institutes including NASA. As well as photographic and video images, geographical and geological data was manipulated to create original visualisations.
    • Deep Space

      Crossley, John; University of Derby (Sound on Sound Ltd., 2015)
      For this ambitious project, John Crossley had a full live band play through a 16-speaker system, to create an immersive performance inspired by the Rosetta spacecraft’s journey through the solar system.
    • Exploring the benefits of surround sound in contemporary live music performances

      Crossley, John; University of Derby (Audio Engineering Society, 2016-06)
      Spatial audio utilizing 5.1 surround sound and newer developments such as object oriented audio has become well established in cinema and home theaters. The expansion of this into live musical performance is quite limited. This work explores the benefits of surround sound for contemporary music performance. A 20-channel Wavefield synthesis system was compared to a high quality stereo sound reinforcement system under identical experimental conditions. An original composition was used to avoid familiarity with program material and to encourage focus on spatial considerations. Data drawn from audiences at both performances is used to quantify the perceptual differences for the average audience and to draw conclusions as to the usefulness of using a system of this type in an “average” contemporary live music performance.
    • Seeking best practice for education and training in the recording studio

      Vandemast-Bell, Paul; Werner, Duncan; Crossley, John; University of Derby (Audio Engineering Society, 20/08/2015)
      This paper reflects on the delivery of a module in recording studio practice. The module is intended to equip level 5 students with the necessary skills to undertake final year project work whilst introducing aspiring recording artists and music producers to a career in industry. These goals are compounded by the expectations of accreditation bodies that work in partnership with academic institutions to raise the standard of graduates entering into the business of music recording and production. Drawing on the authors’ educative experiences and observations the paper highlights the challenges posed by the tension between training and education, and investigates the potential for novel approaches to curriculum design.
    • Sigma7 – Rosetta

      Crossley, John; University of Derby; Lane, Kit (2014)
      Live performance of original composition using multichannel surround sound system. Exploring the interaction of composition with multichannel sound performance and incorporating audience experience.