• Luddite Drawings: a series of drawings (3) that explore process, performance and gesture, selected for the group exhibition ‘From Here & There: drawings from Colorado and Wales.

      Shore, Tim; University of Derby (2014-09)
      Luddite Drawings is a series of three A1 drawings made with pencil and carbon paper and using guides made in Adobe Indesign. Each drawing consist of two sets of closely aligned lines that cross each other at right angles. Luddite Drawings explores ideas around drawing, work, craft, repetition, copying and the presence and performance of the body in the drawing process. In making the drawings I set myself rules that I could not meet. I devised a game that pitched the production of the drawing against factors like tiredness, concentration, measurement and correctness. My methodology was guided by Marina Warner’s writing about play and the haptic qualities of making and experiential learning, David Pye’s theory of ‘the workmanship of risk and the workmanship of certainty’ and Tim Inglold’s notions of Wayfaring and Transport. The completed drawings were digitised and printed as A2 Giclée prints for the exhibition From Here and There: Drawings from Colorado and Wales. The exhibition was part of an international exchange of contemporary drawings between artists in Colorado and Wales. Exhibition catalogue available.