• The impact of career guidance on progression in learning and work: a literature review

      Neary, Siobhan; Hooley, Tristram; Morris, Marian; Mackay, Susan; SQW; International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) (2016-04)
      This paper sets out the findings of a review of the literature on how career guidance can support individuals to progress to positive learning and work destinations. It argues that positive progression is a legitimate and appropriate outcome of career guidance, although access to career guidance is only one amongst a range of factors that might influence an individual’s likelihood of progressing. It also notes that progression can be difficult to measure in research. The initial review found a range of evidence which demonstrated that career guidance can have a positive influence on individuals’ progression to learning and work. It highlighted a number of features that underpin the effectiveness of career guidance in this area. 1. Services need to be provided in a timely fashion, and as quickly after an individual has dropped out of learning or work as possible. 2. Services need to be provided professionally by skilled advisers. In addition to these points, the paper advances a model of the features of effective practice that support individuals to engage positively with progression. This focuses on establishing positive attitudes and behaviours, engaging in developing and effectively applying job search skills and creating a support network using both informal and formal sources. The evidence suggests that all of these interventions are useful, but multiple integrated activities are most successful, especially if they focus on building motivation as well as job search skills.