• Critical cloth

      Williams, Rhiannon; University of Derby (2015-10)
      A solo exhibition. Each patchwork entails a highlighting (or mutilation) of language and text that becomes intensified through tessellation within a stitched honeycomb framework. This strategy is one of selection and magnification, framing words, phrases and excerpts in such a way that a critique is suggested to the viewer. The intensity of hand stitching over long periods of time exaggerates the semiotic impact of each ‘snippet’ of text. In some pieces, the systematic recording of language becomes historical in a documentary sense. Money Talks, for example, showcases journalistic language generated during the Credit Crunch and beyond: ‘capitalism in crisis’, ‘recession’, ‘slump’, ‘financial gloom’, and more recently, ‘consumer confidence’, ‘road to recovery’, ‘austerity’ and ‘more cuts to come’.