• Inquiring Teachers, Inquiring learners

      Neary, Siobhan; Parker, Gordon; Marriott, John; Hutchinson, Jo; Scales, Pete; Centre for Education Research (International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby, 2014-08)
      This report details the Inquiring Teachers, Inquiring Learners project which was developed to support partner institutions to develop and apply a culture of action research within their organisation. The underlying principle of the project was professionalism and in particular the promotion and development of teachers’ professional identities and attitudes as the key to the enhancement of student learning, above all, a vision of the ‘inquiring teacher’. Inquiring teachers it is felt are more likely to develop inquiring learners. Teachers are best placed to know about their subjects and their learners’ needs within their local contexts. The project aimed to support partners of the School of Education to develop the skills and knowledge to define and undertake an action research project that would contribute to improving ITE within their context.