• Ventilatory muscle strength, diaphragm thickness and pulmonary function in world-class powerlifters.

      Brown, Peter I.; Venables, Heather; Liu, Hymsuen; de Witt, Julie T.; Brown, Michelle R.; Faghy, Mark; University of Derby (Springer, 2013)
      Resistance training activates the ventilatory muscles providing a stimulus similar to ventilatory muscle training. We examined the effects of elite powerlifting training upon ventilatory muscle strength, pulmonary function and diaphragm thickness in world-class powerlifters (POWER) and a control group (CON) with no history of endurance or resistance training, matched for age, height and body mass.
    • Why do student nurses want to be nurses?

      Holt, Paula; Perkinton, Louise; Davies, Fiona; University of Derby (EMAP, 2014-01-01)
      Nursing became an all graduate entry profession in September 2013; this move and the publication of the Francis report have brought the debate around nurse education and nurses' capacity to care into sharper focus. There is much debate over what makes a good nurse and whether graduate nurses lack care and compassion.