• Curious apothecary.

      McNaney, Nicki; University of Derby (14/10/2017)
      A artist book Curious Apothecary is published within in a Artist Book "Prescriptions " as part of a wider research project on artists’ books and the medical humanities, organised by the University of Kent and the University of New England (Maine Women Writers Collection), and supported by the Wellcome Trust. The book explores the role book arts can play in raising awareness of the richness and value of live accounts of illness.
    • Dimensions of European wellness: contemporary design and the visions of life and the self: ‘The New Apothecary’s Cabinet II’, mind-body-spirit

      White, Christine; Oddey, Alison; University of Derby; Nottingham Trent University (2016-05-21)
      ‘The New Apothecary’s Cabinet II’, of Mind-Body-Spirit which is a devised, interactive Art Installation, is the second in the series, and investigates what a new apothecary’s cabinet would be as a piece of contemporary furniture, in collaboration with designer Chris White and maker Steve Smith, using machine-made systems, different types of material and wood, reflecting both old and new. Alison Oddey’s research for this creation interrogates how to live well and be happy, and is based on the Foresight Project’s ‘Five Ways to Well-being’, which concluded that five steps incorporated into daily life can fortify mental health and can contribute to a more productive, fulfilling life, as well as a UK survey published by BUPA in 2015 that it is the simple things in life which make us smile. The Cabinet is a provocation to the viewer to interact with the 24 drawers, to connect, be active, be curious, learn and give. There are health gains within the sensory experiences of all drawers to enrich life, bring support, feel good, maintain mobility, appreciate what matters in life, feel satisfied with confidence boosted and rewards of helping others to be happy within the community. The viewer is invited to be creative, to smile and laugh, to experience some feel-good moments in their day, in order to improve and maintain their health, to revive and restore their mind-body-spirit in smells, tastes, listening, touching and new ways of seeing. This project forms part of a sustained programme of research titled ‘The Cultural Value of the Arts for Health & Well-Being’, which employs methods and processes across Art and Science, designed to test and transform perceptions of what it is to live well and be happy, raising public awareness and engagement, to stimulate sustainable, social and cultural debate and significant public dialogue
    • A gift for Eleonora

      White, Christine; Oddey, Alison; University of Derby; Nottingham Trent University (2015-05-12)
      The performance, ‘A gift for Eleonora’ is a research output, which investigates the cultural value of the arts for health, happiness and well-being as a cultural health intervention for public engagement in an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was performed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Basilica di Santa Croce, in the Cappella dei Pazzi, Florence, Italy on May 13-15, 2015.
    • How to develop creative capacity for the fourth industrial revolution: Creativity and employability in higher education

      Wilson, Chris; Lennox, Peter; Brown, Michael; Hughes, Gareth; University of Derby (Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise, 15/10/2017)
      With changing patterns of accountability in higher education, universities are becoming increasingly focused on performing well against a growing number of metrics. Many used as proxy measures to indicate value of educational experience, amongst the most common and perhaps most notable are those relating to graduate career destinations. Universities have never been more focused on ensuring that graduates are ‘employable’. In the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, numerous studies highlight the potential significance and value of creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking, for successful navigation of the complexities of the future. Consequently, these capacities are becoming more significant in determining graduate career development and educational strategy in higher education. This chapter presents a synthesis of related fields of research to construct an outline framework for the development of organizational creativity and creative graduates concluding that there are aspects of current pedagogical practice capable of worthwhile reform.
    • The new apothecary's cabinet II

      White, Christine; Oddey, Alison; University of Derby; Nottingham Trent University (2015-09-11)
      The new apothecary's cabinet II. Nature Connections Festival and Exhibition, Markeaton Gallery, University of Derby, Derby, 11 September 2015 - 29 January 2016