• Ice holes

      Locke, Caroline; University of Derby (Primary, Nottingham, 2020-05-20)
      Performing Data is an Arts Council Funded Project exploring and developing possibilities, using various forms of physical and environmental data in order to control and activate sculptural works. The sculptures become part of a series of live performances, installations and films. Ice Holes uses data in connection to climate change. Ice Holes is a sound installation. An old Dansette vintage record deck has been hacked so that it plays at speeds controlled by various data sets. Ice Holes uses Artic sea ice data recorded by the Scott Polar Research Institute to control the speed of the revolving record. In February 2020 Caroline was assisted by the Norwegian Polar Institute to make sound recordings of ice melting in a lake in the Arctic Circle. She has since made compositions using these sounds and cut new vinyl records which are played on the hacked record deck. The soundtrack slows down and speeds up according to the climate data. The work has a sensor which activates only when the audience is present. The output in May 2020 was delayed by Covid-19