• Chancel frequencies.

      Locke, Caroline; University of Derby (20-21 Arts Centre, 2015)
      Chancel Frequencies at 20-21 Arts Centre featured three works especially selected to respond to the former church building as a contemplative space, portraying images of sound, which are otherworldly, and designed to encourage contemplation. Circular projections show vibrations caused by different sound waves through water, filmed as part of her previous Sound Fountains project. In a new site specific work, three shallow steel pools made in the shape of the church window contain motors causing gentle ripples that will be reflected on the surrounding walls. Finally on a wall mounted screen, a film loop shows a single tuning fork shifting between 25Hz and 16Hz – made in connection with Frequency of Trees.This was a commissioned Exhibition at 20-21, from July 9th – October 9th 2015.
    • The Mountain of dead selves

      Poynton, Stuart; Bradburn, John; University of Derby; University of Worcestershire (Vivid Projects, 2016-06-10)
      CONSTRUCTING THE SELF: DAVID BOWIE 10 JUNE – 11 JUNE 2016, 12-5 Constructing The Self is comprised of new art works, music and audience participation, led by the Black Hole Club group of Midlands artists in celebration of the creative life of David Bowie. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues as we explore Bowie’s world. Starman, iconoclast, Blackstar: David Bowie remains the ultimate self constructed pop icon. ‘The Mountain of Dead Selves’ is a six panel video work exploring the psychic states at play in the construction of Bowie’s 1976 album, Station to Station. The work explores Bowie as mystery school as much as art school.