• A collection of ten illustrations covering a variety of themes

      McNaney, Nicky; Levesley, Richard; Poynton, Stuart; University of Derby (2014-09)
      Exhibited at the Off Register Print Exhibition and the Wirksworth Festival. Artists from the wooden dog press collective exhibited artwork at the festival. The Wirksworth Festival aims to reach and create new audiences for contemporary visual art and encourage opportunities for participation and critical debate. The Festival makes a positive contribution to the community and economy of the area and is a key player in the artistic and cultural life of the region.
    • Curious apothecary.

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (14/10/2017)
      A artist book Curious Apothecary is published within in a Artist Book "Prescriptions " as part of a wider research project on artists’ books and the medical humanities, organised by the University of Kent and the University of New England (Maine Women Writers Collection), and supported by the Wellcome Trust. The book explores the role book arts can play in raising awareness of the richness and value of live accounts of illness.
    • Head space and Dark days.

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (Broken Grey Wires, 26/02/2018)
      Broken Grey Wires is an ongoing investigation into art and mental health by developing a dialogue with leading contemporary artists. Two screen-printed illustrations,Head Space and Dark Days are included in an artist book Psycho published by Broken Grey Wires.
    • Inside my head.

      Levesley, Richard; University of Derby (2016-11)
    • Night Circus; An artists publication

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (2015-10)
      The Sheffield 5th International Artist’s Book Prize and exhibition showcased over 200 books selected from nearly 400 individual entries coming from 42 different countries. The publication was developed to explore my use of narrative and sequencing using screen-printing and collage. Characters were created initially using the medium of mono-printing and then collaged by hand and created into various colour separations to take forward into screen-print. The objective of the project was to explore the surreal nature of the narrative and create characters, and an environment that depicted this within the restrictions of the traditional print media and book format.
    • Scent of a Woman; A screen-printed artists publication

      McNaney, Nicky; University of Derby (2015-06)
      This publication was developed to explore the creation of multiples through the hand printed process, researching the traditional use of printmaking in a contemporary artists book format. Ideas surrounding the theme of ‘Lost and Found” were developed initially using the medium of collage and drawing and then taken forward into screen-print. The concertina book was initiated as a response to the sub-heading “ scent of a woman ‘ that illustrated the research and investigation, commenting on the perfume recipes that have been lost and found over the years within the Parisian perfume houses. The artist books serves as a vehicle to document these findings a more abstract way, inviting the viewer the opportunity to debate the narrative of the artist book, with no beginning or end.